Stoccaggio e distribuzione​ farmacie e prodotti salute stm pharma pro

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Logistics & Clinical trials.
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Logistics and Clinical Trials Office:
+39 02 950 6981

North Area Warehouses:
+39 02 9506 981

Pozzuoli warehouse:
+39 081 303 3000


Opening hours

Monday – Friday

08:30AM – 05:30PM

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STM Pharma Pro Srl, Via Rio Vallone, 20, 20040 Cambiago MI

STM Pharma Pro Srl, Via Umbria 15a, 20056 Grezzago MI

STM Pharma Pro Srl, Via Abruzzi, snc, 20056 Grezzago MI

STM Pharma Pro Srl , Strada Provinciale per Pianura, 2, 80078 Pozzuoli NA

Contact us

+39 02 95 06 981

Monday— Friday: 8:30 AM — 5:30 PM

Via XXV Aprile Cambiago 56, Cambiago


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