I nostri servizi


Our facility has an area dedicated to manufacturing activities, able to provide manufacturing services, in accordance with the EU-GMP / CGMP.


Drugs Primary and secondary packaging for experimental clinical use are the core activity of the STM PHARMA PRO pharmaceutical facility.


A large area of the facility is dedicated to the packaging and labeling for investigational drugs


Comparator sourcing

Network of partner suppliers for sourcing products from the international market

Import from third countries

QA Unit and Logistic Unit able to manage the import and release of material from third countries

Narcotics management

Possibility of packaging and distribution of narcotic drugs for experimental clinical use


Sponsor support service for the management of the final part of the clinical trial life cycle

Return and reconciliation

Management and reporting of withdrawal service for Clinical Trial expired and not expired drug, reconciliation and storage



A warehouse dedicated exclusively to the Clinical Trial for storage according to GMP standards.
Management of stocks and movements through a dedicated ERP system

Commercial drug

The pharmaceutical facility is able to provide packaging services on commercial drugs

Quality Unit

An efficient Quality Unit able to mark the guidelines for excellence.



Competence, high responsiveness, flexibility and a wide range of options for the distribution of IMPs in Italy, in Europe and all around the world.

Analytical support

Laboratory and staff dedicated to stability studies, analysis and quality control

Other services

The widespread knowledge of IMP management allows us to provide numerous additional services