Cold chain management

In all our offices we have an optimal cold chain management system, guaranteeing the controlled temperature at 2°/8° C, -20°C and 15°/25°C in all process steps.


Thanks to our structures and our qualified carriers we ensure the product a controlled temperature of 2°/8° or 15/25°C.

To ensure temperature continuity in the various steps of the process, we have equipped ourselves with:

– Dedicated loading / unloading bays (2/8°C; 15/25°C)

– Dedicated storage areas (2/8°C; 15/25°C)

– Dedicated staging areas (2/8°C; 15/25°C)

– Shipping via our qualified carriers (2/8°C; -20°C and 15/25°C)

For cold chain shipping, we are equipped with all the packaging necessary to ensure temperature continuity (for example, dedicated packaging such as: cool box and dedicated packaging for dry ice)